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Pic Shot are a team of professionals doing the job with passion and attention to every detail.
PicShot Outsource Art Studio is a company that provides game art development services. PicShot can handle every style of an outsourced project.
Brand idea
Branding is a consistent and systematic creation of a brand popular among the target audience, the introduction of a brand approach in the company's policy.
Brand idea
A brand idea is a well-articulated description of how you add value or value to your customer's problem.
The task of the logo is to promote personalization and highlight the marketing object from a series of other similar marketing objects.
Additional materials
Other materials that help further marketing work.
development date
2022 y.
development time
2 week
project cost
The client was provided with a 9-page brand book with a description and recommendations for using the design.
Additional materials
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